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Magnificent 7 | Damien Hirst (Front) Magnificent 7 | Damien Hirst (Inside) Magnificent 7 | Damien Hirst (Back)
Magnificent 7
Damien Hirst
NOLF 009 / Piece of Yellowism
NOLF 009
Magnificent 7 –
Piece of Yellowism –
Damien Hirst

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254 x 51 x 51 mm
Series Nine

Originally produced in 2000, in conjunction with "Damien Hirst: Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings" at Gagosian Gallery West 24th Street New York.

This piece (Copy Nr 997) has been presented as the piece of yellowism for the first time during the legendary 3rd exhibition of yellowism No One Lives Forever. As all other pieces presented on the show, Hirst's "Magnificent 7" in this particular case for the first time was considered as a pure expression of a yellow colour only.

This object is signed by the author in black marker on the bottom side.